Living Pictures…

I love pictures, because every picture communicates something about the essence of life. With distinct and accurate detail hundreds and thousands of pixels combine to create the story of one split second. This second becomes an unforgettable memory. Faces… yes the face of a minute creature, the face of an exquisite flower, or the face of a dear friend. Pictures teach lessons.

Today God has a picture to share with us. It’s a face too… His face. Yes, God wants us to see a glimpse of Himself. But because His brilliance is too bright for us to see all at once, He gives us one glimpse at a time. It’s like the pixels in a picture. One pixel at a time He shows us a fuller view. And with Him even just one pixel-sized glimpse is enough to make our hearts burn to see more.

But it doesn’t stop there. He asks us to be a living picture of Himself. To see and to share. One pixel at a time. Let’s be reflective viewers…


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