It was one of those evenings I’ll never forget…

“Mama, there won’t be another one like it…” This phrase has compelled us many times through the years, and last evening was no exception. We couldn’t resist the opportunity. Afterall, walking and talking together is a dear favorite of mine, and God had sweet things in store for us…

The view at the lake was indeed “like no other.” The colorful sky was exquisitely contrasted by it’s reflection on the placid waters, the hills and trees marked creative silhouettes on the horizon, and the huge crescent moon seemed to linger perfectly in the frame of our view. A muskrat shared in the glories on his evening swim while we soaked it all in. During these moments God beautified my concept of Himself…

His authority is gentle.
His will is unbending, yet full of contrast.
He is invincible, yet abounding with tenderness.
His power is love.

Oh the splendid love of a splendid God! It seems impossible for Him to be in full control while at the same time giving us the luxury of choice. But it’s true. He includes us. He displays matchless beauty, and then gives us the undeserved honor of reflecting it in our lives. But are we? Every day?
It’s His design that we do…


It’s in these priceless moments together that I’m reminded once again– I couldn’t possibly do without my delightful Mom or my Almighty God. Oh, how undeserving I am and how irresistible they are!


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