We're engaged!


7 Responses to Engaged!

  1. Teresa Krum says:

    Congratulations!! I know what you and your mom will be busy doing …. :) We are happy for you!

  2. Elyssa says:

    Ohhh!! How exciting! Congratulations! :) I’m so happy for you! Did you know that I am engaged too?

  3. Ashley Kanomata says:

    Ohh! When I heard the happy news, I was instantly covered in smiles – Tyli, I am so happy for you and Nathan!! You two are an adorable couple, and I can tell you both can’t stop smiling now. ;) I’m praying for you both as you move forward with plans, and my heart is full of happiness for you!

  4. Tyli says:

    Thank you! We’re so excited to see how the Lord has lead us together. I didn’t know that you were engaged too! Congratulations right back to you. What happy times these are… You are in my heart!

  5. Tyli says:

    Ashley, you are so sweet! And you are so right about the smiles… We just can’t stop smiling! :) Your happiness and prayers for us mean the world. All the planning has us whirling with so much to do, and yet all the while we feel we’re bouncing on cloud 9!!! God is amazing…

  6. Christy says:

    I am so happy for you Sister Tyli. Congratulations in advance! God Bless you both :)

  7. Hope says:

    So happy for you and Nathan!! You both were great ASI Earliteen leaders. Thank you so much!!
    God Bless,

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