The word rings with expectation. It speaks of faith in something better, Someone bigger. It seems that joy in the present moment, peace, love for humanity, and even a greater understanding of all we can be, are all things encapsulated in that one word – hope.

It’s a word that expresses more. More grace, more gratitude, more victory.

When it seems we’re weak and we wonder how we’ll ever make it through that hard spot, that sticky situation, that harsh word, that’s when God whispers hope to our hearts. That’s when He reminds us that it’s not about who we are, but who He is. It’s not about that impossible-looking mountain, but His promise to lift us up and teach us to fly. It’s not about what we can’t do, but what He can do. It’s not about our weakness, but His incredible strength.

For those days when life seems to stand still, when your purpose seems unclear, let me remind you: You are making a difference. Even in those little, everyday tasks God is using you to impact the lives of others. Your life is a billboard, testifying of the grace of a God who loves you more than anything. And that love, when we let it sink in deep, is what changes us.

Father, thank You for giving us hope – the kind that stands tall even amidst our array of weaknesses, and proves Grace capable of covering them all.


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