Harvest of Thanks

We drive down country dirt roads on our way to an old fashioned Campmeeting—a Harvest of Thanks. There’s not another traveler in sight, and only occasionally do we pass a little farmhouse. The sun is beginning to set and it seems we are getting closer and closer to “the middle of nowhere.”

We arrive at the primitive campsite and in the shadows make out the silhouettes of tents scattered across the field.

The next day we all sit on hay bales under a big open tent for church, hot breeze blowing our hair. The wagon train flaps above long tables piled with lunch. Guitars are strummed and fiddles sing and all voices unite in old time praise.

Why is it sometimes that when we get away from the distractions of everyday life simplicity seems to come alive? It’s then that it jumps out at us, so undeniable.

When there’s more laundry to do and another meal to cook and leaves to rake and dogs to groom we wonder if we’ll ever get on top of everything. It seems that the to-do list only gets longer and time just passes faster.

But there, out in the middle of nowhere, it’s as if time stands still. Each moment holds a little gift of now… And there, simplicity seems so real, so recognizable.

Yet simplicity isn’t just little girls in ponytails with bare feet or walks in the tall grass or breakfast cooked over the fire. It’s not just hand washed dishes or guys in cowboy hats or songs around the campfire.

Simplicity is a mindset.

It’s not just our surroundings that determine how simple a life we live. It’s holding every moment, recognizing its value… unwrapping the beauty and letting it change us. It’s trusting like a child, unburdened by a single care. Gratitude has this way of chasing away complexity. Simplicity is praising God for the smallest things—the gifts, yes, but more… even the bows that tie them together.


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