I sit in the back of the ambulance spiking IV bags, waiting for the helicopter to bring our patient from the fire zone. My phone rings and I promise to call the clinic with my first set of vitals. I step outside as the helicopter lands, blown by smoky wind on this 107 degree day. As I meet lots of new faces in yellow shirts and hardhats I notice they all take their orders from the same person. And it’s crucial that they do, or it would be a disorganized mess. I’m amazed at how the incident command system can take a huge group of people and organize them into a unit that works together to achieve the same goal. And I can’t help but wonder if we all took our orders directly from God’s throne how different we’d live. Because it’s not about what other people think or even what they might tell us.  The confusion that comes from getting directions from a third party doesn’t ultimately bring organization. It’s only when we go directly to the Source of wisdom that unity can be found to accomplish the task before us.

I hardly notice the heat as we load the exhausted firefighter in the ambulance. I jump in and go right to work – vitals, reports, assessments, medication, cold packs, IV’s… And as I go through my mental trauma level 1 checklist, I find myself still thinking about the ultimate Incident Commander. Our course has been laid out by the One who is all-knowing, and the “fires” that we find ourselves going through, when surrendered to His master plan, prove only to refine us. Even in the midst of heat and smoke and black everywhere, He offers us life-giving water – the kind that quenches even the thirstiest soul.

We pull into the clinic bay and a flurry of activity pursues. More patient care is given. Another helicopter lands. And when everything is all over, I marvel once again at the fact that God only leaves us in the fire until His reflection is perfected in us, until we live and breath and love like He does.

“When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you.” Isaiah 43:2 NKJV


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  1. Ashley Cross says:

    Wow what thoughts. Thanks for sharing Talea!

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