Seasons come and seasons go, change is all around. Outside the leaves turn to gold and the night air is crisper, and inside another season passes too.  Family as we’ve known it for so many years now takes on a new dimension. Our family is smaller, yet it’s bigger all at the same time.

We find ourselves letting go of what we’ve treasured for so long and seeking to embrace the beauty of a new season. So many memories… so many hours spent together… so many milestones made… so many simple joys treasured… so many life-changing conversations… — all bringing such richness and fullness to our lives. It’s the joy of being close and the togetherness of being family that makes a part of me not want to let go. Yet I’m reminded that it’s when we let go that our hands are then open to receive all that God has in store.

And familyness will forever be a part of our lives. No matter how many miles might separate us, we’ll always be family. Always.


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