What every heart needs…

Every heart needs whatever it takes to make it realize this:

This life is not all about “me and my plans.”
It’s not even about me and God’s plans.

It’s all about God and His glory.

* * * * * * * *

It’s in the breaking, the forsaking itself, that a heart becomes whole… Seeking after God is what makes a heart strong. He reaches deep, and from the depths praise ascends, testament to the One who turns heart-cries into heart-songs. He meets us where Grace can move us—the place we feel Him most. And then, wonder upon wonder, He lets this fragile, frail, little heart hold His very presence.

Only then—filled with Him—is a heart whole.

But a heart can only hold as much as it is willing to pass on… His fullness is alive, moving. And I am only really alive when my heart pulses praise, when it throbs thankfulness.

The Fountain flows forth, and the One who fills, overflows. every time. all the time. It’s just how He works.

And somehow, in the filling and spilling, the pouring in and pumping out, we’ve held Glory. We’ve held Him close and we’ve held Him out—Life to our souls, Life to a dying world.

This is wholeness. This is fullness. This is life.


just Him.

all Him.


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