Measuring Joy

We’ve been counting steps this week. Dad brought home a handful of pedometers a few days ago, so we’ve been curiously calculating our miles per day. It’s fun. And it’s surprising just how far all of those little steps take us.

I’ve been taking thousands every day. But in-between those thousands, I spend quite a bit of time at my desk, feet tucked under me and fingers doing the running. My pedometer rests quietly during such times, while QuickBooks and I communicate: tap, tap, tap… bleep… tap, tap, tap… click, click…bleep…

It was in the middle of a conversation like that one that Jent walked in, him taking steps to bring me joy. He gave my shoulders a squeeze and jiggled till I giggled. My pedometer woke up. I smiled and said, “Hey! You’re giving me mileage!”

He really had. He had taken me from monotony to conscious delight right here at my desk. If joy could be measured in miles, he took me many that day. Even the “taps” and “bleeps” had a cheery ring after that!

It just makes me want to go out and squeeze the whole world.

Could we? Could we be the hands and feet of Jesus, together?

This, this, is the work of a Christian: to walk as Christ walked (1 John 2:6), to take steps that leave miles of smiles.


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