Hmmm… {postscript}

Watching this, God’s work, standing so undeservedly in the middle of it, even having a little part in it, makes long days and bruised knees and weary voice and chilling fever all seem so insignificant. Sometimes I wonder if we should even speak of having made any sacrifice at all in light of His and of eternity… How can I call it sacrifice when indeed Heaven is ministering to me? Never is our hope explained (1 Pet. 3:15) without being strengthened. Joy swells when shared, and gifts given are blessings to hold forever (Luke 6:38)…

En route to the Philippines, my heart had burned with desire to see eyes light with the beauty of truth, burned with speechless willingness to die for its cause. I went. I witnessed. I came home with the sense of a mission accomplished. And yet, the burning can’t be quenched. May it never, as long as I walk on this earth… Because really, is our mission ever fully accomplished this side of paradise?

This life is a mission—sometimes across a hallway and sometimes around the world, but always a mission. And this world? It’s not our home. Why do we spend so much time making it such? Why, when there are countless people who are just days away from choosing salvation?


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  1. Kristina says:

    Now you know what AFCOE grads feel like :)

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