God Waits…

This blog has been ready to go for weeks now. Why is it that it’s taken so long to get over the hump of writing the first post? It’s not that we’ve nothing to say… In Christ, themes for contemplation and exploration are endless. And it’s not that we’re hesitant to express… Our hearts are eager to show forth His praise.

He’s showing us something. This blog is just a tiny example of a much larger-scale reality.

How often we delay, waiting for just the right words, as if we expect them to come right out and surprise us someday… They will, but we must remember that it’s an open mouth that God fills, a poised pen that God writes with.

How often we hold back, thinking we’ll have more to give tomorrow than we have today… We will, but only if we’ve given our all today.

And so, God waits. He waits for us to be truly ready—ready to be used by Him, ready to become like Him…

It’s time we let Him work.


One Response to God Waits…

  1. John Roeske says:

    Great start to the essays that follow!

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