Fragile Beauty…

It was a winter wonderland outside. Heavy fog had lifted, leaving frosty, sparkly, white in it’s trail. The view was exquisite. I’d stepped out into it, wishing there were a way to float through the air and not jar the glittery crystals all laced together on each blade of grass. Those little particles of ice, all changing the face of our world that morning, melted my heart before they melted away…

Frost is fragile. Just like life… and hearts

People are like snowflakes, each one uniquely beautiful, special – the creation of the Master Designer. Yet how often it is that we trudge through life, maybe unaware of what we trample on… We forget that they’re fragile, that we’re fragile. We forget that life is a vanishing vapor (James 4:14), that a word can break a heart.

Oh Jesus, let me walk through this life awestruck by Your beauty, tenderly touching lives and lifting hearts. Teach me to love Your fragile ones like You love me.


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