Tattered Treasure…

A run through the hills. Snow. Sub-freezing temperatures. A glove.

What was different? Nothing, really. It was a bit past sunset and I decided to go on a run through the hills. Yes, there was snow–freshly laid the day before, enough to make the landscape white. It was beautiful–a waxing moon, low hanging steam clouds roaming overhead. Everything was perfect.

As I neared home, I felt my coat pockets for my go-everywhere-with-me gloves. To my dismay, one was missing. Apparently, it had fallen out of my pocket somewhere along the way.

The wind had picked up. It was cold. But that didn’t stop me. I retraced my steps, this time walking instead of running, eyes held steady on the ground. I began to worry as I neared home again; I had almost completed my retrace. But then, as I made my way across a snowy stretch, I spotted it! There the glove lay, crumpled up and forlorn on the snow. The tattered glove, worn from work–holes and all.

Why would I go back on a cold snowy night for a ragged glove?

Why would Jesus come back for sinful me?

The glove is special to me. It has sentimental value.

He says the same of me.

This image began to form in my mind as I picked that glove up and dusted it off.

He picks me up, cleans me off; rejoicing that He has found me. Calvary deepens His love, increases His joy, and heightens my appreciation and praise.


One Response to Tattered Treasure…

  1. marci says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It is an encouragement for me today.

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