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It’s festive around here. Yesterday brought in cool (okay let’s just say downright cold) temperatures and a foot of snow! The tree and lights are up. Holiday scents waft the air. All around speaks to the fact that it’s not about us. December begs us to put self aside and listen, just listen to others, to embrace an other-centric focus.

God figured that we would be able to understand a pink-fleshed baby, but are we stooping to enter through the barn doorway, sitting by the feed trough? Or do we walk on by, unconscious that He, our King, is inside?


With all the exchange of gifts this time of year, I was thinking a few days ago about tracking all my purchases. That way I could quickly see how much each item cost me, as well as how much I spent per person on my gift list. Naturally, as someone who’s job is 99% in excel, I turned to excel to accomplish the task for me.

But why keep a resource to myself? Sharing has positive benefits to the frontal lobe, and so here you are: a free December download to hopefully make this month less stressful and more delightful! (No joke, I’ve discovered that joy flourishes in the presence of organization)

Click here for download.

Additional note: once downloaded, you will probably have to allow it to use macros. I can’t vouch that it will properly work in any software other than excel. In other words, if you use Apple Numbers or OpenOffice, it *may* not work. But then again, it just may. Let me know what you find out.


One Response to Festivities + Free Download

  1. Tyli Wright says:

    How delightful of you to share your new gift list system! You did a superb job Bro. :)

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