Amazing Flying


Wouldn’t it be like a dream to fly up, up and away from the challenges and heartaches we face on this earth? To see “our world” from another perspective, one unconnected to our world-seared reality? Wouldn’t it be so amazing to grab ahold of God’s hand and fly, I mean really soar in our relationship with Him?
Just imagine it—running down the runway with God… and then, almost unknowingly, you find yourself swept off the ground. You’re flying!

Alright, we’ve probably all wished for such an experience—a thriving, ascending relationship with God. But why does it seem so impossible? After all, the experience, the lifestyle is in receivership to everyone. God wants to fly with you.

Fear grips it’s death hold on even the stoutest people, and maybe we’re scared of failing again. We have to remember that we can’t do it on our own. Far too often we think that we can get ourselves off the ground. No. It doesn’t work. In fact, if we try to kick in any amount of our own power, we won’t make it off the runway. Our power is actually the opposite of real Power: one is finite, the other is divine, one is weak, the other is perfectly strong.

Could it be that we often get in the way of our own desires? I think so… We just have to let go of ourselves. And while that can be the hardest choice we make, it can also be the most exhilarating once we’ve made it. Imagine not worrying about self—what a relief!

Today is the day. There’s no better opportunity than right now to grab God’s hand and say, “I want You to take me flying.”

“Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles.” (Isaiah 40:31)

Gearing up

Checking the fuel levels


Getting ready

Checking the moving parts

Untying the plane


Down the runway


Fire line from the air

Colstrip from the air

From the air


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