21 Things Gratitude is…

Gratitude is:

  • An immune booster
  • A life prolonger
  • A depression dissolver
  • A happiness bringer
  • An energy injector
  • A sleep enhancer
  • A faithfulness instiller
  • A God recognizer
  • A positive reinforcer
  • An attitude changer
  • An outlook brightener
  • A love deepener
  • A spiritual prioritizer
  • A relationship builder
  • A priority organizer
  • A health vitalizer
  • A paradigm shifter
  • A barrier breaker
  • A burden lifter
  • A negatives eliminator
  • A freedom enabler

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    2 Responses to 21 Things Gratitude is…

    1. ~marci~ says:

      Such good reminders!!! That lifts my spirits.

    2. Christy says:

      good!!! and for sharing!!!

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