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The Day of Our Vows

Miracle of Miracles… It’s love shared between two becoming one. God is extravagant in His gift of marriage. We were so excited and deeply honored to promise ourselves to each other forever. Our day in its overwhelming joys and deep … Continue reading

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The Power of Words

I was breezing down aisle after aisle. The minutes were adding up into hours while my sibs and mom sat for eye examinations. My cart was full, and so were all the shelves around me. People were everywhere. I was … Continue reading


Honduras: what Jesus sees

We’re near wrapping up another year. All its experiences have turned to lasting memories. We’re thankful. Here’s a snippet from our life-changing time in Honduras… (Subscribers click here to see video)

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It takes eyes open to see beauty and arms open to receive gifts. Life is a walk through splendid moments and exquisite elegance. It’s a continuum of passing along goodness. The true benefit and joy of every gift God gives … Continue reading

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Running over…

We’ve never seen so much water here. It’s been pouring for days… Water is flooding and swelling everywhere. Fields have turned to lakes, creeks have become dynamic rivers, and for some, basements have turned to pools. Our ears are acclimated to … Continue reading

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The difference she makes…

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year. She makes it that way. It’s the way she lives, the way she’s impacted me. She was the very first to show me what it feels like to be … Continue reading

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It’s the watermark of stillness and the vibrancy of action. It’s living without all the unnecessary and only the important. Because life isn’t about how fast we can run or how busy we can get. One step with Christ is … Continue reading

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Living and Learning

The murmur of their voices gently sounded through the hallway. There I stood, pausing. Hesitance sent waves through my nerves. I wanted to tell them, but I wished it wasn’t true. Life as a young one panned through my mind– … Continue reading

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