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The Happiest Way to Spend a Day

I kept putting one foot in front of the other, but my thoughts? His words had stopped them in their tracks. Just moments before, I had rushed out the door into October aura, this package all wrapped up and in … Continue reading



Have you ever felt like God did something just for you? He wouldn’t have had to do it, but He did it anyway and you got His I-love-you message. Well, He did it for me all over again a few … Continue reading


For the Busy Days…

You know the days. The ones that blur by so quickly and leave us sitting on the edge of our beds at night asking ourselves, “What in the world did I even do today? Did I even put a dent … Continue reading


Night Light

It’s always fascinated me, how the moon has this pull that moves water here on earth. From over 200,000 miles away it tugs not only on the tides, but on this heart of mine… It’s one of those things I … Continue reading

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Measuring Joy

We’ve been counting steps this week. Dad brought home a handful of pedometers a few days ago, so we’ve been curiously calculating our miles per day. It’s fun. And it’s surprising just how far all of those little steps take … Continue reading

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A couple weeks back, T and I came home from the dentist office lacking wisdom in more ways than one. It wasn’t all bad though. We were given T-shirts in exchange for our teeth. The next day we wore the … Continue reading

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What every heart needs…

Every heart needs whatever it takes to make it realize this: This life is not all about “me and my plans.” It’s not even about me and God’s plans. It’s all about God and His glory. * * * * … Continue reading

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Back from Honduras…

To those who lifted eyes to Heaven on our behalf, who prayed for the people of Honduras… Thank you. Children hold Bibles, 650+ medical patients (and a host more dental patients) have been prayed with, a VIDA dormitory nears completion, … Continue reading

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Hmmm… {postscript}

Watching this, God’s work, standing so undeservedly in the middle of it, even having a little part in it, makes long days and bruised knees and weary voice and chilling fever all seem so insignificant. Sometimes I wonder if we … Continue reading

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Sometimes God suspends the routine of our lives and lets us spend our days in a daze while He designs extraordinary opportunities. Before we can even map out our comfort zone He takes us beyond it. And if we will … Continue reading