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By my God… No mountain stands unconquerable. No valley uncrossable. No river impassable. No wall insurmountable. Yes – this. is. my. God. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow for His never ending grace on our lives. As new phases … Continue reading

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Dust-Turned Miracle?

Have you stopped to consider lately that you’re a miracle? I mean, really. You’re a miracle. And every living breath you take exudes immeasurable reasons why the Creator of your life is not dead. He’s living and active in your … Continue reading

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A Manger, A King, and Me?

Happy Birthday Jesus!* You sure didn’t come in an expected way. Here You were God enfleshed, the Commander of the universe, Deserver of the very best. But You came lowly, humble, and unassuming. Your birth was the most notable and … Continue reading

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Old New News!

Twirlings of red ribbon. Sweaters. Glittering white snow. Fresh greenery. Twinkling lights. Smiles. Caroling. Happy people. Traditions. Memories. Boxes. Wool socks. Color contrasts. Family… Ah, these and many more make me smile. This time of year is special. And yet … Continue reading

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Confronting Embarrassment

Haven’t we all done something klutzy, been embarrassed, but then we find out someone saw the whole thing and suddenly the embarrassment escalates into massive humiliation? We wish they’d just act like they didn’t see so that we could console … Continue reading

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Beyond Mashed Potatoes and Pumpkin Pie

Five things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving season: • The fine twisps of grace interwoven into each day • Amazing family • Old Testament intricacies • Long days with short daylight • Life—in its simplest form Oh, but there’s so … Continue reading


Amazing Flying

Wouldn’t it be like a dream to fly up, up and away from the challenges and heartaches we face on this earth? To see “our world” from another perspective, one unconnected to our world-seared reality? Wouldn’t it be so amazing … Continue reading

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Darkness. Wait—Light?

This world is full of darkness: thick, grotesque, and black, sin has clouded and stained our atmosphere. We all easily recognize this reality. But it seems like we almost like to dwell on it—the dark side, that is. “People love … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Night

Imagine with me for a moment the shame and degradation the Holocaust victims experienced. Imagine the pain of losing absolutely everything — family, friends, hope, confidence — even the semblance of humanity. Imagine the relentless reality that if you don’t … Continue reading

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Thirsting for God…

When everything seems to dry up, don’t ditch your faith. Hang on to that part of you that just knows God is good, that His love is the best thing that has ever happened to you. When life seems to be … Continue reading

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