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Four Breaths

If I was given only four more breaths to live, I would praise God with every one.

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Jugo de Naranja (Esculent Happiness)

What’s better than a glass of homemade goodness? This has been my sentiment as my latest culinary obsession has been orange juice. I make it in the morning, make it at noon, or at night. Basically, it has been fitting … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

There are many things that I am confident of, but what’s coming next… are you kidding? There are too many times to even count when I thought I knew how something was going to unfold, and it happened completely opposite. … Continue reading

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Festivities + Free Download

It’s festive around here. Yesterday brought in cool (okay let’s just say downright cold) temperatures and a foot of snow! The tree and lights are up. Holiday scents waft the air. All around speaks to the fact that it’s not … Continue reading

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When the music stops, the laughter fades, the lights turn out, and all is silent – there is still more to be thankful for… I’m thankful for all the periphery. The stuff that every day consists of that really adds … Continue reading

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Nathan + Tyli

Will you pull up a chair and enjoy a few minutes of romance? Click on the image below to watch the wedding trailer.

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Day of days…

A sneak peek at September 2, 2013…


Perspective Vista

20 miles, sunburn, mosquito bites, and all the rest brings this bliss*: It’s not every day that we get out on top and see the vista. The fact of reality is that in between peaks there are always valleys, trees, … Continue reading

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Price of Misery

On a recent trip, I pulled into a gas station and found out that the pumps were currently defunct and everyone had to go inside and prepay before the pumps would work. I walked in right behind a guy in … Continue reading

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that some things are not “figure out-able” by humans… Haven’t we all been in various circumstances which human brut or reasoning can’t best? Why then are we so easily tempted to self-sufficiency? … Continue reading

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