Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Manger, A King, and Me?

Happy Birthday Jesus!* You sure didn’t come in an expected way. Here You were God enfleshed, the Commander of the universe, Deserver of the very best. But You came lowly, humble, and unassuming. Your birth was the most notable and … Continue reading

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Old New News!

Twirlings of red ribbon. Sweaters. Glittering white snow. Fresh greenery. Twinkling lights. Smiles. Caroling. Happy people. Traditions. Memories. Boxes. Wool socks. Color contrasts. Family… Ah, these and many more make me smile. This time of year is special. And yet … Continue reading

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Confronting Embarrassment

Haven’t we all done something klutzy, been embarrassed, but then we find out someone saw the whole thing and suddenly the embarrassment escalates into massive humiliation? We wish they’d just act like they didn’t see so that we could console … Continue reading

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