Monthly Archives: April 2012

A bouquet for you!

Happy Tuesday, friends! I’d love to be able to hand you a bouquet of spring flowers and wish you a beautiful day. But since I can’t, I’ll share a little bouquet of verses from God’s word instead. This week I’ve … Continue reading

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Thirsting for God…

When everything seems to dry up, don’t ditch your faith. Hang on to that part of you that just knows God is good, that His love is the best thing that has ever happened to you. When life seems to be … Continue reading

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For the Busy Days…

You know the days. The ones that blur by so quickly and leave us sitting on the edge of our beds at night asking ourselves, “What in the world did I even do today? Did I even put a dent … Continue reading


Ugly Beautiful

We may be nothing more than a dirty rag, but in the midst of ugly, beauty can be found. At least, that’s how God sees us — beautiful. And if we look closely, we find that God’s heart throbs with … Continue reading

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